• Area 178

    Updated 9 months ago

    New trail is great and ready to ride! Trail crews have been out with the mower and all trails are riding well.

  • Centennial Park

    Updated 16 days ago

    Things are pretty soft out there. Don't ride when its above freezing.

  • Hiawatha Park

    Updated 10 months ago

  • Hickory Ridge

    Updated 3 months ago

    The fatbike trails were finally cleared of storm damage as of this morning, and Kevin was out with the groomer this morning and afternoon. From what volunteers saw/rode today, the trail is firm and the riding today should be pretty impeccable before we see temps rise again for a softer surface later this week. Get after it!

  • Lowes Creek

    Updated 4 days ago

    Trails overall are good. There are icy spots on Ridgeline. There is some deep snow on Anthill and some drifting snow in areas as well as icy spots.

  • Menomin Park

    Updated 20 days ago

    Some single track groomed and rides okay. Double track groomed and rides good. Get out when it is frozen.

  • Northwest Park

    Updated 18 days ago

    Trails have been groomed and are best when used in the morning or evening due to warmer temps during the day.

  • Pipestone Quarry

    Updated 5 months ago

    All singletrack has been leaf blown.

  • River Doc Trails

    Updated 23 days ago

    Trails were groomed this past weekend, but are soft. Please wait for an update after Monday's freeing rain.

  • Silver Creek Trails

    Updated 5 months ago

    In and Out, Switchbacks, Flubber (halfway), Knu Knu dh, Upwego, and main access road to Knu Knu dh are all clear of leaves! Should have the rest clear before the end of the weekend!

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