• Heritage Trails Park

    Updated 7 days ago

  • Hoyt Park & Connector

    Updated 8 days ago

    We did some recon and the trails are looking pretty darn great! Some avoidable puddles in the wooded areas, that shouldn’t be a rutting issue. The typical lowland, usual muddy/ soft sections are good and dry. Get out and enjoy!

  • Kegel-Alpha Trail

    Updated 13 days ago

    We didn't get much rain last night; so we're opening the trails back up, but they may be a little slick today.

  • Minooka Park

    Updated 9 days ago

    caution, greasy

    Good morning, After last night’s brief rain fall, we’re asking riders to plan for after 1 this afternoon. As always, be mindful of conditions, i.e. if you approach any standing water, slow roll through it. Do not ride around it! Thanks everyone.

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